Homeless to Homeowner: Tiffani Alexandar

IDA Successs Story Picture Iii Photo Tifani Alexander

Having had a lifetime of struggle, Tiffani reached out to NEDCO for support as she turned her life around. After completing NEDCO‘s Threshold Homeownership Education and Counseling series of classes, attending financial counseling sessions, and proving the ability to save on a monthly basis, Tiffani was accepted into the IDA program.  Her commitment to saving and participation in the program allowed her to become purchase ready much sooner than without the assistance.

In fact, she was able to save $1,000 that was matched with $3,000 of the grant funding.  The funds were used toward the down payment and closing costs for the purchase of Tiffani’s first home. “I can’t wait to get the keys today and go do the happy dance in my new home,” she says. “You know, not so long ago I was a homeless woman living in a park.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for where I am today.”