A Home of His Own: Abel Poton

Abel Poton

Abel opened a door to a new beginning by accomplishing his dream of purchasing his first home in August 2011. Abel’s determination to succeed and his vision to provide a secure home of his own for his three children helped him reach his goal. “After renting for the past 30 years, owning my own home has given me a new sense of freedom and positive movement towards my future goals.”

During the time he worked with NEDCO’s homeownership counselors, Abel received referrals to lenders that were able to work with him and helped him get approved for the best loan he could qualify for. Furthermore, Abel shared with us that, “NEDCO’s ABC’s of homebuying class gave me a new perspective and great tools that aided me during the process of buying a house.”

Besides the counseling he received, Abel was one of the first families in Marion County to receive NEDCO’s $5,000 down payment assistance. “The funds I received facilitated the purchase of my home because it helped me pay for all the closing costs and it enabled me to hold onto some of my savings in case of emergencies. I thank NEDCO for all their help and my children and I are very happy due to the great accomplishment that owning our house represents.”– Abel Poton Velasquez, Homeownership client