A Sweet Investment: Red Wagon Creamery

Red Wagon

From a single scoop idea served from a cart hooked to the back of a car, all the way to a retail store, an active mobile component, and its fresh and local ice creams available in dozens of locations, Red Wagon Creamery has been surpassing even its own expectations.

Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Stuart and Emily Phillips, this artisan ice cream business has a commitment to keeping it local. When they knew they had a great product, and the demand grew, they reached out to the regional economic development experts to aid in their expansion.

“Economic development of locally-produced products in this area has been piecemeal. NEDCO and Community LendingWorks are leading the way in taking a deliberate approach to revitalize not only Springfield, but vital small businesses, the mom-and-pop operations that grow the local food, make the local products, and spend the local dollars that keep a town, and an economy, moving.” – Stuart Phillips, Co-owner of Red Wagon Creamery, CLW Client