Revitalizing our Neighborhood: Izakaya Meiji Restaurant

Izakaya Meiji Restaurant Whitaker

NEDCO has a long history of working to revitalize commercial districts and provide opportunity for local business owners to take ownership of their neighborhoods. Husband and wife restaurateurs Quinn Brown and Ayumi Kamata opened Izakaya Meiji in August 2010 in a NEDCO-owned and renovated building in the historic Whiteaker Neighborhood of Eugene. “Things are going well. The location is really great and we’ve been really happy.” – Quinn Brown, co-owner Izakaya Meiji, Commercial Property client

“It feels great to be affiliated with an organization that has helped small business owners sink their roots into my neighborhood. Now they have control over their destiny in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. This is how business districts ought to be.” – Betsy Hunter, Former Real Estate Development Director, Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County