Youth Financial Foundations (Lane)


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Product Description

Youth participants will learn how to manage money, plan for goals, create spending plans, build and repair credit, deal with debt, and how to start investing.

Completion of the four sessions of this class meets the requirements for the IDA Matched Savings program, including for a car or education.  If you are interested in an IDA, start with this class.

Cost:  FREE (No membership required for this session)

Where: NEDCO  212 Main St, Springfield, OR 97477 (2 blocks from EmX)

When: 11 am -1:000 pm  Fridays Aug 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.

To Register:  Call/Text Stacey at (541) 543-7161 and leave a message with a way to call you back.

or email

Registration ends Wednesday Aug 2nd at 5:00 pm.


If you want to save up for your first apartment, buy a car, plan for post-secondary education, improve your credit, or learn how to pay down debt, Financial Foundations is the place to start.


Our Youth Financial Foundations class will give young adults aged 16-24 information on how to manage money, build emergency savings and create savings goals for big purchases, build and repair credit, and make smart decisions about taking on loans.

The world of personal finance can be intimidating and confusing if a person hasn’t been taught the basics about managing checking and savings account, how interest rates affect you, and how to get good credit. This class will be fun and the information will be presented in a way that will be easy to understand.  You’ll learn how to be confident about your personal finances, and about community resources that can help you achieve your goals!


In this class series, we will explore:

Budget & Cash Flow Planning: How can you take control of your money management? How can you channel big goals into your budget? The foundation of Financial Foundations starts with this groundwork.


Tackling Debt: How do I develop a plan to tackle debt? How do I avoid getting into debt? What kind of debt is a good investment?


Channeling Savings: We all intend to save, but then life happens. How do you set savings goals and achieve them? We will talk about how to set up savings for emergencies, and also how to save for bigger purchases (such as college, rental deposits, or cars).


Financial Planning and Asset Protection: You’ll learn about insurance and how to protect what you have. We’ll also go over how to start investing and make your money grow!


Credit: What is credit and how does it affect you? Learn how strengthening and repairing your credit will save you money.  You’ll learn about easy ways to look up your credit report and score, and how start building your credit now!