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Financial Independence (FI)

Why would you to commit to becoming a short-term hyper-saver? Financial Independence or FI.

Simply put, the goal of FI or FIRE. (Financial Independence, Retirement Early) is to build a perpetual asset-building machine by living a slightly more optimized lifestyle.  You will leave this workshop with a working understanding of how middle income Americans are reaching FI in as little as 10 years. You will learn various income, tax, behavior and retirement optimization strategies that accelerate the path to FI.

Start your FI journey with blog post by Mr. Money Mustache.

Financial Independence is part of your NEDCO Membership. $75 buys you one year of unlimited counseling, classes and workshops. This course is advanced, and assumes you have the ability to live below your means and save. Consider beginning with our Financial Foundation series class.



Class Date:

Tuesday 6-8pm


Class Location:

212 Main Street
Springfield, OR 97477

*Refunds for services are available only in extenuating circumstances. No refunds will be given within 48 hours of a class or appointment.*