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This course is ONLINE only, if you are interested in taking an in person class find the Financial Foundations class under the county nearest to you.

Financial Foundations registration starts your annual NEDCO Membership — one year of unlimited counseling, classes and workshops.

 Map your path to financial success.  Invest in your financial well being.

You know the financial basics, but everyone can benefit from being smart about managing money. In Financial Foundations, you will build systems and behaviors to tackle debt, and make your money work for you and your financial goals.

In this class series, we will explore:

Budget & Cash Flow Planning: How can you take control of your money management? How can you channel big goals into your budget? The foundation of Financial Foundations starts with this groundwork.

Tackling Debt: How do I develop a plan to tackle debt? Which systems saves me the most money in repayment? It might surprise you the ways to deal with different debts.

Channeling Savings: We all intend to save, but then life happens. How do you bridge the intention action gap?  We will borrow lessons from Behavioral Economics to explore how to develop powerful savings into the fabric of our life.

Financial Planning: Are you planning for those longer-term goals? We’ll diving into the basics of investments, risk & untangle the jungle of retirement options.

Protecting Your Assets: Being able to make good financial choices regarding risk and insurance are important to protect what you build.

Credit: Debunk myths around the ever-changing world of credit. Build your credit skills with a template for strengthening or repairing your credit to be an asset for your financial capacity and save you money.

Financial Foundations and ABCs of Homebuying satisfies the 16 hours of financial education required for a Homeownership Individual Development Account (IDA). If you’re interested in an IDA, start with this class. check your initial eligibility here.

Class Schedules:

Webinar classes are split into 4 (2 hour) sections and run Monday-Thursday. You need to complete all 4 sections to receive the certificate for the course.

Class Time:

11am – 1pm

Class Location:


*Refunds for services are available only in extenuating circumstances.  No refunds will be given within 48 hours of a class or appointment.*