Financial Counseling


Product Description


  • Help you set your personal financial goals;
  • Review your free single bureau credit report with you, to make sure it’s accurate and then create a plan to repair or rebuild and credit issues, pay down debt, or just build stronger credit;
  • Analyze your financial situation and help you create a budget that will allow you to pay down debt and save toward your goals
  • Refer you to other resources that will help you toward your goal;
  • Answer any questions that came up during class.

Once you have signed up for counseling,your next step is to call your local NEDCO office. Our Program Support staff will be able to walk you through the needed paperwork to get you scheduled with an Asset Building Specialist.

212 Main Street, Springfield – 541-345-7106
437 Union Street NE, Salem – 503-779-2680
421 High Street, Oregon City – 503-655-8974

Thank you!