Workplace-Based Financial Literacy

You’re an employer who cares about your workforce. You know that finances are important to your employees. But did you know just how much financial stress impacts the workplace?

81% of adults identified money as a significant source of stress in their life. Money surpassed work (67%), personal and family health problems (61% and 67%) and relationships (62%) as a source of stress. 21% of employees in a work-based survey reported their financial stress as “high” or “overwhelming”. Employees experiencing financial stress spend an average of 13% of the workday dealing with personal money matters while on the job (20 hours per month).

Employee financial stability Is good for business. At NEDCO, we make it easy to provide your employees with the benefit of personal financial stability.

To schedule a series or for more information, please contact:

Lane County:
Karen Saxe
541-345-7106 x218
Clackamas and Marion Counties:
Amy Hamilton


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This program is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation through a partnership with United Way Worldwide.

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