Down Payment Assistance

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Are you saving to buying a house? Eligible homebuyers may qualify for up to $5,000-$10,000.

Get the process started today by taking a required class near you at NEDCO.

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Clackamas County – NEDCO ABCs of Homebuying

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Polk County – NEDCO ABCs of Homebuying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is funding currently available?

OHCS DPA and Project Reinvest DPA funds have been reserved at this time (3/2018). We continue to actively apply for more sources of funding.

Where does the funding come from?

OHCS DPA comes from: Oregon Housing and Community Services

What can I use OHCS DPA for?

OHCS DPA may be used for downpayment and closing costs.

How much can DPA can be awarded?


  • Up to $5,000 for Marion and Polk county residents
  • Up to $10,000 for Lane and Clackamas county residents.

Am I eligible for OHCS DPA?

  • Meet household income criteria, within 80% of Area Median Income (See “Income Criteria”)
  • Be an eligible first-time homebuyer.
  • Complete NEDCO ABC’s of Homebuying course.
  • Meet one-on-one for a homeownership consultation.
  • Purchase a home in Lane, Linn, Marion,Clackamas or Polk counties

What is the cost of DPA program enrollment?

Program fees include homeownership classes, counseling and loan origination. Additional lending fees may apply. Please speak to your lender for more information.

Do I have to pay this back?

Yes, OHCS DPA is an interest-free loan and will be repaid with shared appreciation upon the sale of the home or refinance of the first mortgage.

What is the income criteria for DPA?

Your household must be within 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). Click here to see the breakdown for your household size.

Who are eligible lenders?

To access OHSC DPA, you can work with any lender.

To access Project Reinvest DPA you must worked with a Project ReInvest approved lender. Make an appointment to meet with a NEDCO homeownership counselor or call the office to get a list of approved lenders:

  • Call NEDCO at (541) 345-7106

Do you have any more questions?

  • Call NEDCO at (541) 345-7106